Client Testimonies


"I met Kasey when I began volunteer work at Reigning Grace Ranch in the fall of 2014. I was immediately drawn to her honesty, integrity, humor, and patience. She displayed these traits with every person as well as every horse in her presence. I began riding horses when I was 8 years old, and have sat under a variety of instructors since then. However, I learned more about horse behavior and language working with Kasey than I had ever learned from any other teacher. Kasey's guidance and leadership skills showed me a whole new world when it came to working with horses. Her passion for teaching others to master the basics and learn horse language in order to improve all areas of horsemanship, deepened my love for horses and all that they offer the people that they work with. Kasey is a generous, wise and strong teacher. She perseveres, encourages, and exercises great discernment. I always treasure the time riding and studying under her!"
                                                                                                        ~ Christina Cunningham, Phoenix, AZ


“Within one week ….I could tell a difference in my daughter's
riding. My daughter’s confidence increased drastically, and I contribute it to Kasey’s positive and informative way.” 

~ Mary Pitt, Columbus, Ohio


“My daughter has had excellent training in the past and can be
fairly critical of new instructors. Kasey won her respect almost immediately. Her instruction complemented and went beyond what my daughter had already learned. We value her positive, encouraging attitude and attention to the details of the sport. She clearly describes what to do and thoroughly explains why these measures are important. She teaches in a way that is humane to both the horse and the rider. She consistently has the well being of the horse and safety of the rider as her top priorities. Kasey insists on doing things the “right” way rather than try for “quick fixes.” She insists upon achieving the desired results in ways that will not compromise future training and progress.”
  ~ Belinda K. Clark, Grove City, Ohio

"Kasey is very motivated and dedicated to her chosen profession. She has excellent problem-solving abilities, helping my daughter and I work through difficulties we have had with our horses. Considering our horses tend to be strong-willed, this is no small feat! Kasey is an excellent teacher, always willing and capable of presenting information to us in ways that we can understand. She has the same philosophies in her training processes, as she ensures the basics are fully understood and mastered prior to proceeding with more difficult concepts…Many people try to find “shortcuts” in their training, but Kasey believes a solid beginning will promote solid training.”    

~ Dawn V. Reynolds, Ashville, Ohio


"If you are looking for an amazing horse trainer or horseback riding instructor, call Kasey Reeder! She’s your person hands down. As for horse training, she turned my horses around from being pushy and headstrong into respectful, well-mannered horses. She has a gentle hand and uses clear and concise communication techniques so the horses understand exactly what to do. She showed me how to work with my horses so they would respect me and be safe to ride. As for riding lessons, I couldn’t believe the results I got after just a few short lessons! I felt so confident in my riding ability after each lesson. She is very patient and customizes each lesson to the rider’s current ability. She shows exactly how to do things with an explanation of why certain methods work more effectively than others. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. If you want strong results in a short period of time, please call Kasey. You will be so glad you did!"
                                                                                                                               ~ Karen Gray, Scottsdale, AZ

"I have never before respected someone more quickly than when I first saw Kasey working with horses on establishing respect for one another. Watching her, I remember thinking she was doing what I have always wanted to do but thought I could never be. That is, until Kasey surprised me by telling me that it was my turn to get in the round pen- I was so shocked! But, her tone gave me confidence and her teaching led me to do something I never thought I could do. I listened to her as naturally as the horse had and was able to accomplish the basics with a colt doing circles around me. Me! I had earned the respect of a 1,000 pound creature! Later, Kasey taught me how to gain not only respect, but also a partnership and a mutual understanding. She taught me how to speak horse- How to listen, look and read what their bodies were trying to tell me. Determination, understanding, and patience; I cannot say enough about her natural skills and talents. These are just some of the matchless elements that are exhibited when Kasey forms a partnership with horses and their people. It is something to see in person, not in writing. Her abilities are something I never thought I could come close to, and although Kasey is someone to respect, she is also the humblest person I know. She is continually telling me there can always be improvements and shows me, with humility, how to master the skills that are essential to becoming the best horseman I can be.
                                                                                                                             ~ Michelle Ryan, Phoenix, AZ

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