Bodywork Services / Price List

A ridden assessment is the ideal way to assess how horse and rider biomechanics are working together. We always advise an initial unmounted rider session first. This enables us to understand the biomechanics of the individual rider and how they impact on the horse. 

Manual Therapy Treatment Guidelines

Treatment Guidelines

· One on one individualized session at your home or facility. I am happy to set up in your home or barn. Please allow a working space of at least 9' x 9'.


· If you have requested the Riding Assessment & Bodywork, it is best for the location of the massage table to be close to the arena, as well as, a change of clothes ready. This will allow for the session to stay within the time allotted.

· If you have requested the Riding Instruction with Biomechanic Assessment , please have either an additional person standing by to hold your horse or have a way to tie the horse, in the event  bodywork techniques need to be applied. No change of clothes is necessary for this service.

 · Every session is with Kasey Reeder.  

· To ensure the session starts on time, I will arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to set up the massage table.


· A brief patient intake form is required to be filled out and emailed to  24 hours prior to initial session.  All information shared will be kept 100% confidential.


· My approach to each session is guided by assessing and diagnosing dysfunctions for the individual client. Therapeutic goals will be discussed, and a strategy, including preventative care, will be implemented. This is included in your session time. 

· What to wear for your bodywork session:

Women: Please wear shorts and sport bra.        

Men: Please wear shorts.


·  In bodywork, the client is required to take an active role during each session, as they will be asked throughout the session to maneuver into multiple positions to allow for the best access of individual muscles and joints. 

· I strongly recommend between each session that the client be pro-active in their recuperation and restoration as dysfunctional strain patterns are systematically removed and replaced by proper body alignment and balance. 

My goal is to help you achieve your riding goals, and at the same time, riding in good health and preventing injury. 

I view each client from a “preventative” perspective; taking time to perform an accurate assessment of the body and develop a treatment plan using a systematic approach to improve body alignment for structural balance. 

In each bodywork session, I guide you through the process in understanding the importance of advanced body awareness of individual muscles and joints, how your body functions and interacts with your horse, and how correcting your muscle and skeletal imbalances will improve your posture and overall health.


Payment Options


· Cash, Checks, or PayPal Accepted.

· Full payment is required at time of service.  

· Cancellation of sessions less than 24 hours in advance or no shows will be charged in full.  

· Gift certificates available.