Improve the Rider, Improve the Horse

A comprehensive system of functional riding developed by Kasey Reeder, Certified Riding Instructor and LMT. It is a unique approach to training the horse and rider that is rooted in the classical principles of riding and fully consistent with equine and human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. 

Integrating the best horsemanship ethics and teaching principles, it places specific emphasis on what riders need in order to become an effective and efficient partner, thereby, directly improving the horse every stride. 

It is a horse-logical approach to training; the horse remains sound and builds on his strength by being trained according to the system’s principles. The horse’s longevity is extended, and the risk of injuries tremendously reduced. The horse enjoys his training sessions; confidently growing physically and mentally as he is encouraged to develop in a positive way.

It is a human-friendly approach to riding; with clear communication, the rider is guided through a step-by-step process of learning how to ride in an active learning environment. Each lesson is tailored to meet the specific needs of each horse and rider pair as they develop the main ingredients of a functional riding form with balance, timing and feel in motion. 

While providing the missing link to riding, Riderology™ presents riding as a conversation between horse and human in a way that is easy to understand and reproduce. 

"Riderology™ is where ordinary riders become extraordinary riders." ~Kasey Reeder, Coach

The Purpose of Riderology™ is to coach ANY rider to ride with more awareness, feel, and skill so that they can humanely ride and train their horses more effectively and efficiently. Also, to coach the rider in making the right decisions at the right time in every situation, even when the instructor is not present, thus becoming an independent rider.  

The Goal of Riderology™ is to be as complete and holistic as possible while developing a more effective, efficient, and independent rider at every level and in any discipline.  

An Integrated Approach

Learning how to ride is a complicated process that needs to be made more understandable for riders. The ability to communicate the ‘how to’ skills of horseback riding has become lost among instructors in a sea of fuzzy language from long ago. As a consequence, too many riders are stuck at novice level with skills missing from a crucial foundation. As the horse is a direct reflection of us, this becomes evident when looking at the horse’s way of going. 

Nearly all riding and training that we practice today is based on the heritage of European horsemanship long ago. No matter what type of riding you enjoy, the basic principles and practices can be linked back to centuries old traditions. We don’t really know how those old ways were practiced because we only have the written word and our interpretation of the old masters’ meaning. We respect the old ways with due admiration to the famous masters. 

Still, we have moved on and live in exciting times. We now have a vast amount of knowledge about how horses and humans operate than they did back in the day when the old traditions were conjured up. Our knowledge of anatomy and the biomechanics of both horse and rider has surpassed anything those masters knew. We have a greater understanding of equipment, nutrition, health and behavior. We also have a greater awareness of how riders learn best, the mind-body connection, and how deviations in the human body structure has a direct impact on the horse’s way of going. But most importantly, we have grown to have a greater moral sense of our responsibility to our equine partners.

"The ability to influence the horse every stride, in a horse-logical manner, is where honest leadership and a true partnership begins." ~ Kasey Reeder, Coach  

Ride Smarter, Not Harder!

Riding is a complex equation! It brings together two creatures, who couldn't be more different, with the objective to create a harmonious partnership between them. Riders fall into a number of traps trying to accomplish this task. However, when you add knowledge of the classical principles of riding and a basic understanding of biomechanics to your training,  it can produce incredible results within a short amount of time and simplifies riding in harmony.

Riderology™ brings theory/knowledge to life and integrates these timeless principles from the old masters with the modern science of biomechanics to produce the elusive ‘how to’ of riding.

"Theory cannot stand alone, but neither can practice stand alone."   ~Eckart Meyners