Instruction & Coaching



Reflective Horsemanship’s approach to equestrian riding, coaching, teaching, and overall education is based on our values and beliefs about the nature of the horse/human bond. 

Our leading principles of the horse and human partnership comes through when there is mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation between horse and rider. We follow the mindset that it is only possible to achieve harmony between horse and rider when you understand the process between them must be a conversation.

The core of our philosophy is integration.  Reflective Horsemanship continually searches for new knowledge and information. Whether it be from the classical texts, modern techniques (such as natural horsemanship) or the sciences, we continue to build upon our foundation to improve the quality and effectiveness of our teaching.

Our philosophy also includes the belief that positive results are attainable for ALL riders who have the willingness to learn and have an open mind.  Although riding is an art and an athletic endeavor, it attracts riders with a wide range of natural gifts. We strive to help students through realistic and honest evaluations and learn to identify their own definitions of success within their specific horse-riding pursuits.

Our goal is to coach students to strive for excellence, at whatever level of education they seek.

"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."   ~Timothy Gallwey

Our mission is to provide students with a complete and proven system of riding that yields success in and out of the arena. Furthermore, that the application of our system will produce more riders that demonstrate the qualities that make it possible to attain the special and unique relationship of a true partnership with their horse. 

Want to Know a Little More?

Other riding programs may provide quick results in one aspect of riding but neglect another. For example, they may focus on the physical aspect of the rider but leave out much of the mental elements that go into producing a complete rider. 

Riding instructors (mediators of motion and educators) need to be experts in both humans and horses. This is why teaching horseback riding is not easy! With constant interaction between horse, rider, and instructor, riding absolutely needs specific principles on why to do it and how to do it. 

Reflective Horsemanship believes that teaching students to ride, and to learn how to ride, are complicated matters that need to be made more understandable. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to bringing these principles to our students and implementing them through breaking the process down into bite-size, learnable skills. In doing so, we set riders, and their horses, up for success at every stage in the development of their riding.

Although riding is a traditionally based sport, instructors in America have been left to their own devices to figure out what works. Rarely do you come across a systematic approach to riding that helps riders to 'learn how to ride'. Traditional information on the ‘principles of riding’ help the horse, but not the rider. Horseback riding books are good at thoroughly describing how to coach a horse through exercises, and to a degree, how the rider should position their body to get the result, but the complexity of a highly complicated human being is not included in these books.

Our systematic approach to riding was developed over many years of teaching and coaching. Riderology™ is a comprehensive, methodical, integrated system of functional riding that we believe will benefit riders of all ages and disciplines. We coach riders to be effective, efficient, and self-reliant at every level. As the horse is only as good as it’s rider, we are improving the rider beyond today’s standards, thereby, directly improving the horse’s ride-ability and longevity.  Our hope is that Riderology™ sets the stage for students to enjoy the human/horse partnership through the techniques of training, integration, goal setting, communication, and self-discovery.

What to Expect From Our Instructor

Reflective Horsemanship performs a comprehensive assessment of each horse and rider individually and as a pair, with reasonable expectations. We analyze the rider’s different movements individually and in regard to the horse’s motions. A rider’s internal learning method combined with the rider’s ability for movement in motion (based on their individual body structure) will determine what and how we coach each student. We take in to account the rider’s mind as well as the horse’s mind, as each learns in different ways. In addition, we also take into consideration the student’s age, the horse’s age. 

Our lessons are based on individuality, so that the rider is able to follow the logical steps in the session and unlock the horse’s and their own potential. Each lesson is taught in such a way that the rider can be just as effective riding at home, without instruction, as they are in the lesson. 

Riding movements and motions are not only physical in nature but are primarily rooted in the mind and other inner workings of the body, therefore, riders will learn about what goes on inside their body and mind as they learn to ride. They will also learn how to actively participate in the lesson, which will enhance their learning ability. 

The goal of our riding lessons is to establish a collaborative relationship between the horse and rider.

The purpose of our riding lessons is teaching the rider and the horse to make the right decisions at the right time in every situation, even when the instructor is not present. 

We use various methods while giving lessons and always try to meet the individual needs for the horse and rider. In addition, we believe practice should be influenced by theory. In order to be effective, instructors and students, need to incorporate some theory into their practice. Sometimes, this theory comes from outside the arena, such as instructional theory or theory from the sciences. The integration of various theories, along with practical experience, results in our overall “applied theory” of effective teaching.


Redefining the Equestrian Athlete

We are raising the standards in the art and athletic endeavor of true horsemanship through redefining what it means to be an equestrian rider & athlete.  Our proven and complete rider training system, Riderology™, takes the rider's ability and skill to a whole new level, thus giving the rider a wide variety of mental and physical tools which are needed to successfully ride and train their own horse in any discipline.