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Riding clinics and workshops, along with classroom seminars are taught by Kasey Reeder on a variety of topics. These can be customized to fit your needs. 

Here are a few topics for your consideration:

Riderology™ - Improve the Rider, Improve the Horse.

The study and application of a functional and comprehensive riding system; developing riders with the main ingredients of a functional riding form with balance, timing, coordination and feel in motion. Through a holistic and integrated approach, riders learn how the body functions, awareness of individual muscles and joints, mental strategies, emotional discipline and an understanding of the rider’s scale of training.

Efficiency and effectiveness are at the heart of this system of riding, while the rider’s training scale is the backbone. In addition, Riderology™ follows the mindset that it is only possible to achieve harmony between horse and rider when you understand the process between them must be a conversation.

The Rider's Mechanic™ - Keeping Future Legends in the Saddle; Biomechanical Bodywork & Manual Therapy for the Equestrian Rider

If you are stuck in your riding, feel pain while riding, or want to get serious about your development as an equestrian athlete, biomechanical bodywork will make a world of difference in your riding ability as well as enhance your performance as an effective and efficient rider. Using a unique hybrid of manual therapies, with a focus on the study and application of human movement, The Rider's Mechanic™ coaches riders of all skill levels to feel the difference in correcting muscle imbalances, aligning the skeletal system, acquiring better flexibility in muscle and joint movement, and establishing a mind-body connection for optimum riding performances every time.

Reflective Horsemanship™ - Riding From the Inside Out; Having the strength of character to be a quality leader and partner to the horse will produce a reflection of horsemanship excellence. 

Reflective Horsemanship™ specializes in the development of riders. We integrate effective principles of mental preparation, physical awareness, emotional discipline with a dynamic blend of traditional and contemporary ideas and philosophies. The importance of communication between horse and rider, as an interactive relationship is emphasized. Reflective Horsemanship™ understands the horse is only as good as its rider, therefore, we are raising the standards in the art & athletic endeavor of true horsemanship through redefining what it is to be an equestrian rider & athlete.

Learn to get the best out of yourself and your horse in a group setting.

Reflective Horsemanship™ offers group or one-on-one clinics, workshops and classroom seminars on a variety of subjects, which are customized to meet your horsemanship needs.  

Speaker Fees

The Rider's Mechanic™ for your next equestrian event

Biomechanical Bodywork to achieve better posture and balance for optimum riding performance.

Are you on the committee of an equestrian riding club or event?

Do you understand the benefits of manual therapy & bodywork?

Think it would be great to have a manual therapy & bodywork specialist for the riders at your club or event?

Reflective Horsemanship™ is proud to offer the opportunity to secure an experienced Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist, specializing in Biomechanical Bodywork for the equestrian rider, to attend your club or next event!

As a professional rider, certified riding instructor of 20 years and experienced Licensed Massage Therapist, Kasey understands the sport and has the skills needed to optimize rider performance. She has 

the knowledge and understanding of movement patterns associated with riding, along 

with the ability to identify, address, and relieve dysfunctional conditions that may be 

interfering with the rider’s progression.  

Please forward expressions of interest to Kasey Reeder - 

Biomechanical Bodywork

Biomechanical Bodywork is a unique hybrid of manual therapies, with a focus on the study and application of human movement. The goals are to gently manipulate the physical body to realign the body's structure, improve its function/movement, and enhance the mind-body connection.  

Biomechanical Bodywork for equestrian riders gives them the opportunity to develop myoskeletal balance, better flexibility, increased range of motion in the joints, added strength in the muscles, and at the same time, relieving any pain the rider may be feeling. The result is improved rider posture and balance - increasing riding ability, efficiency, and effectiveness to improve the horse every stride.

The Rider's Mechanic™

Speaking Engagement fees are set once a few details have been determined.