About Us

Reflective Horsemanship™

Reflective Horsemanship™ specializes in the development of riders. We integrate effective principles of mental preparation, physical awareness, emotional discipline with a dynamic blend of traditional and contemporary ideas and philosophies. The importance of communication between horse and rider, as an interactive relationship is emphasized. 

Reflective Horsemanship™ understands the horse is only as good as it's rider, therefore, we are raising the standards in the art & athletic endeavor of true horsemanship through redefining what it is to be an equestrian rider & athlete.

Mission: To develop independent riders who ride with more awareness, feel and skills so they can humanely ride and train their horses using horse-logical concepts, in every situation, with or without an instructor present. 

Goal: To be as complete and holistic as possible while developing a more effective, efficient and self-reliant rider at every level and in any discipline. Our riders become emotionally disciplined, independent strategic thinkers with balance, timing, coordination and feel in motion. They also discover how to athletically use their body with efficiency and effectiveness to produce a happy and harmonious partnership with their horse. 

Our passion is coaching! Let us help you to unleash your passion and achieve your dream. 

"A good coach can change the way a person rides. A great coach can change their life."                                                                                                                                       ~  Kasey Reeder, Coach

Raising the Standards in the Art & Athletic Endeavor of True Horsemanship

Reflective Horsemanship™ strives for excellence in and out of the arena with our teaching, coaching and horsemanship skills. We continually search for new knowledge and information. Whether it be from the classical texts, modern techniques (such as natural horsemanship) or the sciences, Reflective Horsemanship™ continues to build upon our foundation to improve the quality and effectiveness of our teaching and training.