Reflective Horsemanship™

Riding Coach offering comprehensive, personalized instruction and Sports Massage & Bodywork for the Equestrian Rider. 

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Reflective Horsemanship™

We are raising the standards in the art and athletic endeavor of true horsemanship through redefining what it means to be an equestrian rider.  Our complete and proven rider training system takes the rider's ability and skill to a whole new level! We give the rider a wide variety of mental and physical tools which are needed to ride and train their horse with success in any discipline.

We are "Redefining the Equestrian Athlete."



Developed over many years of teaching and coaching, we have designed a methodical, integrated system of functional riding. We coach riders to be effective, efficient, and self-reliant at every level and in any discipline. As the horse is only as good as it’s rider, we are improving the rider beyond today’s standards, thereby, directly improving the horse’s ride-ability and longevity. 

"Improve the rider, Improve the horse."

The Rider's Mechanic™

We coach riders both on and off the horse. Our Sports Massage & Bodywork supports and compliments our unique rider's training system by enhancing body awareness and feel. In addition, we help riders to feel the extraordinary difference in their riding by correcting muscle imbalances, aligning the skeletal system, and acquiring better flexibility in muscle & joint movement. This produces optimum riding performances every time!

"Keeping future legends in the saddle."

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