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Biomechanical Bodywork for the Equestrian Rider

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Reflective Horsemanship™


  Reflective Horsemanship specializes in the holistic development of riders and it is our mission to improve the rider beyond today’s standards, thus, directly improving the horse’s ride-ability and longevity. My passion is coaching riders, both on and off the horse, to acquire more awareness, feel, and skill so they can ride and train their horses more ethically and with greater success in their chosen discipline.

I have dedicated myself to bringing these principles to my students by creating a unique ‘how to’ rider development system that is broken down into bite-size, learnable skills and tailored to each individual rider. In doing so, I set riders and their horses up for success at every stage in the development of their riding, along with the tools to move forward as an independent rider.

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Developed over many years of teaching and coaching, we have designed a comprehensive system of functional riding. Integrating the best horsemanship ethics and teaching principles, we coach riders to be effective, efficient, and independent.  

As the horse is a direct reflection of its rider, we are improving the rider beyond today's standards, thus, directly improving the horse.

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The Rider's Mechanic™

Sports Massage & Bodywork for the Equestrian Rider

Biomechanical Bodywork supports a rider's training program by enhancing body awareness and feel. We welcome riders to feel the extraordinary difference in their riding by correcting muscle imbalances, aligning the musculoskeletal system, and acquiring better flexibility in muscle & joint movement for optimum performance. 

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